Dinah Dietrich learned to write poems at Bennington College, where she worked with fine poets such as Michael Dennis Browne, Alvin Feinman, and Ben Belitt. Dinah had begun   to write poems when she was sixteen and had much encouragement from a close friend who also wrote. Also, she was fortunate to live at the home of an English teacher, who saw promise in her work as well. Dinah is grateful to all those who nurtured her interest in poetry.

Dinah has continued to write all of her life, exploring various ways of writing. One of her earliest influences was Anais Nin.  The writing of a diary was so ingrained in Dinah that she often was late for work because of    doing morning writing. She wrote so many journals     that  she rented a storage area to house all of the n otebooks.In later years Dinah sought out a poetry mentor, who would give her encouragement and guidance in her writing. Dinah was very lucky to find poet and editor Judith Prest. After beginning work with Judith, Dinah began to blossom as a writer. Her long run  of publications began.Dinah’s story , “The Woman Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming,” was published in 2012 and won a Pushcart nomination.Subsequently Dinah published many poems in literary magazines.She felt encouraged by all the poem acceptances and this spurred her on to keep writing more and more. Dinah ‘s chapbook, PAPER CRANES, was published in late 2015, upon receipt of a prize from HEADMISTRESS PRESS, a publishing house run by and for lesbian poets.  She has continued to write poems and they have been the culmination of her life.